At this point all the joinery if complete. All that retains is to mark and cut the angles cff the front of the side pieces.

MARK ENDS. To mark the angles, first dry assemble all of the pieces. Then marka point "X" where the bottom edge cf the tcp piece (B) me^ts the side pieces (A) (Fig. 7). Next, marka point T where the top edge of the center shelf (p) meets the side pieces, Now, between the marks.

CUT Off AN<SU, Once the angles are narheckcutjust shy cf the line with the band saw (Fig. $.), Then plane to the line with a hand plane.

Now the whole unit can be glued and clamped up (Fig. 9). (Don'tovertighten or the top piece might bow.)

OIAN up joints. After the glue dries, check the joints:, If the pins and tails Mick above the surface of the boards, plane or sand them off flush. If they're slightly recessed, shave the boards down to the pins and tails,

After building the basic shelf, I built thiss drawers that would fit the opening between the center shelf and the bottom. The three drawers with dovetail

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