Back Panel

The back panel (K) am be cut from W' plywood. lis the same height as the side pawl (72"), but V2" narrower than the distance between the outside comers cf the standards (so the back won't stick out beyond the sides) (Figs. $5 and 25a). Then serewthe panel into place.

SUM? HHP Mitering Crown Molding

Fitting crown molding around the top of a project usually means cutting a compound angle. One way to do this on a table saw is to angle the miter gauge and tilt the blade. The angles are usually determined by referring to a chart.

But if the molding can be tilted to the angle it will be when attached to the project, the blade can stay at 90°, and only the miter gauge needs to be angled.

To do this, I screwed an auxiliary fence to the miter gauge. The auxiliary fence has to be high enough to support the molding when it's standing up as it will appear on the cupboard (see detail in drawing).

The back of the molding has a 1/s" kerf cut in it. This kerf is used to accept a spline when the top is assembled, but it can be used for another purpose.

If you slip a narrow strip of Vs" hardboard in the kerf, and then hold the hardboard against the auxiliary fence, it helps support the molding in the correct position while it's being cut.

Now, to miter the crown molding, rotate the miter gauge to 22 V20 (this reads 67 V20 on some miter gauges). Then bring the molding tight against the auxiliary fence, so the base of the crown molding is flat on the table, and make the cut.

To cut the other end of the front piece, just move the miter gauge to the opposite slot on the table saw and turn it to the opposite 22 V20 setting.

The side pieces only need a miter on one end.

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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