Cherry Armoire

This project can be built as either a traditional armoire for clothes and accessories or a modern entertainment center. it'sa timeless piece that'ssure to become an heirloom.

This armoire is the largest project featured in this book. But it's not the size, it's the details that really make it interesting.

ARCHED TOP, The most striking feature is the arched crown moldingon the top of the cabinet — a detail that looks very difficult to build. Do you need to use a shaper with a huge cutter? Or is there some way it can be done simply with a router?

Actually it's easier than it looks. Ifs done by building up and shaping pieces cf 3A"-thick stock with the help of a template, a router, and two common bits.

DESIGN OPTION, Traditionally, an armoire was designed to store clothes — sort cf a closet in the bedroom. But we've added an interesting twist. By building the cabinet a little deeper and making a few other changes, it can hold a television and stereo equipment for any room in the house. F that's your choice, be sure to read pages 120 and 121 beforeyou start construction.

WOOaTo build the armoire, I used a combination of solid cherry and cherry plywood.

FINISH. I finished the armoire with three coats cf turg oil, hand-rubbingit in to bring out the beauty of the cherry.


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