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back frame stiles (E), I did this by cutting a rabbet on the back edge of each stile. Sneak up on the cut until the tongue just fits the grooves (Fig.4a).

stub TtKONS The tongues that connect the ends of the rails to the stiles are actually stub tenons that fit into the panel grooves (Fig. 8). I made these with multiple passes over thesaw blade.

PLYWOOD PANELS. After the stub tenonsare cut, dry assemble the frames and take measurements for the plywood panels. Then cut the panels to size, making sure the grain runs the height cf the case (Fig. 1).

ASSEMBLY Now each of the three frame and panel assemblies can be glued up. As I was gluing up the frames, I glued the panels into the frame grooves for maximum stability.

chamfers. After the assemblies are dry, there are afew more steps. First, I routed '/aT1-wide decorative chamfers around the inside edges cf the stiles and rails; see the Shop Tip box below.

SHELF holes. Next drill holes for the shelf pins that support the center shelf (Figs. 4 and 5).

DOVETAIL GROOVES .The last step is to rout stopped dovetail grooves in the side frames to accept a top apron (I). (This apron spans the front cf the case. Refer to Fig. IS on page 58.) The grooves are located on the insideface cf each frontstile (Fig. 6).

shelf support shelf support

inside edge

inside edge

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