Door Panels

Now work can begin on the door panels. Start by edge-gluing enough 3/V'-thick stock to make two top panel (IT) blanks and two bottom panel (GG) blanks. To determine the finished size cf the panels, measure the openings and add 781' to the height and width for tongues. Then, cut the bottom panels to size.

To lay out each top panel (FF), center the panel on the opening and trace the arch onto the panel. Then cut along the curved line. To determine where to cut the bottom edge, measure the height of the opening and add Vh'' for the tongues.

RAISING THE PANELS. I routed the bevel for the raised panel using a router table and a l7/i6ft-dia. raised panel bit (Sears bit No. 25465) (Fig. 35) Also see the ShopUp box below.

rabbet. Next, turn each panel over and rout a rabbet around the back (Step S an Fig. 35).

Nbte. The panel is cut to fit only s/ie" into the slot, but a 3/g" rabbet is cut in it This allows a Vie" gap for the panel to expand with changes in humidity.



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