After the back panel is screwed in place, the last step is to build the drawers. Start work on the drawers by cutting the four fronts (H) from W stock so they're: l/ifi" tat than the width and length of the drawer openings. Then cut eight aides (I) oat of Va" stock to the same width as the fronts and ft1/?" Jong.

joinery. The drawer fronts sides are joined with dovetail tongue ¿id groove joints. (For this joint, see 1&) First rout dovetail grooves on the back of the drawer front, using a W dovetail bit (Fig. ¿5).

Next, keep the bit at the same height asd fcpee to rqtft a tongue eft one end of each drawer side 26).

To hold the plywood bottom (K), rout straight grooves an the inside of the sides and front (Fig. 24a). Rout through grooves in the sides. But in the front, start and stop the groove at the dovetail grooves (Fig. 24).

raised front. After the joints were cut, I used a raised panel bit (Sears No. 25465) ti cut beveled border on each drawer front (Fig. $3).

back. Next the backs U) can be cut to size. To determine their length, dry assemble drawer and measure between the sides (Fig. 27). Then add V2" for the tongues and cut the backs to this length and a rough "width of 4".

Now cut the tongue and dado joints to join the backs to the sides (Fig. 29).

Next, cut the bottoms (K) out of W plywood to fit, and slide them in place. Then cut the backs to finished width so they're flush with the top of the sides.

Also, before gluing up the drawers, cut a notch on the top edge of the backs for the drawer catches (Fig. 27).

drawer catches. The drawer catches are simply small wooden turn buttons that keep the drawer from pulling oat to© iar (Fig. 30). Mount them to the bottom of the middle shelf.

drawer guides. To make the drawer guides, rip eight 3A"-wide pieces from scrap just thick enough so that each drawer fits when the guides are glued in place. These guides also act as drawer front stops (Fig. 33).

hangers. Finally, to hang the cupboard, drill holes on the back and mount the holes (Fvg. ml finish. To finish the cupboard, used a light walnut oil stain and topped itwithtwo coatsoftung oil.

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