End Panels

The first step in building the crates is to OHO» the end panels from stock. Each panel consists of two rails (A), two stiles (Fl, and => "n« "¡1 cri (Fig. 11 The x cross rails also serve as handles to lift the crates.

CUT HALF LAPS. Once all the pieces are cut to size, you can begin on the joinery. The end panels are assembled with half lap joints. Cut the half laps on the ends of all the pieces to the same width as the matching pieces (2") and half the thickness of the stock {%")•

With the half laps cut, the rails and stiles can be glued up. In order for the crates to stack properly, the end panels need to be perfectly square, so I built a simple assembly jig; see Shop Tip below.

Once the glue is dry, centered dadoes can be cut on the stiles for the cross rails (Fig. 2). Then the cross rails are glued in place.

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