Front Fence


spacer blocks. Next, cut spacer blocks from 3/V'-thick stock that match the distancesfrom the corner cf one tail to the same corner on the next tail (Step S). (There will always be one more tail than the number cf Spacer blocks.) To help keep t h i i straight, I alphabetize the spacer blocks.

STOP fence & block. Then position the workpiece on the tail jig and clamp down the stop fence (Steps 4 and 5). Next, push the jig into the blade until the blade touches the base line and clamp down the stop block (Step 6).

cutting Now it's a matter of adding the spacer blocks one at a time and makhg cuts (see Cutting Sequence at far right). Then flip the board over and make the second sequence of cuts.

Note: Usually you will be joining both ends cf a board with dovetails. To simplify the explanation. I'm showing only one end. Once you're familiar with the sequence, you can flip the board end—for—end and edge—for—edge before adding each spacer block clean out waste. After both sides cf the tails are cut. chip out the waste between the tails (Steps 7 and 8).

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