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The motto "a place for everything, and everything in its place" has a special appeal to most homeowners, and that place is often a well designed cabinet. The four cabinetry projects begin with a wall-mounted collector's cabinet that is surprisingly easy to build, whichever design option you choose. Then there's a traditional American comer cupboard that will grace any dining room. Our stylish modular cabinet system lends itself to a variety of practical uses. Finally, the cherry armoire can be designed as a classic wardrobe a as a state-of-the-art entertainment center. Either way, the finished product will showcase your woodworking skills.

Collector's Cabinet 76

Designer's Notebook: Display Case 79

Joinery: Face Miter with Spline 81

Corner Cupboard 82

Finishing Tip: Preventing Blotchy Stain 84

Shop Tip: Routing a Plate Groove 85

Shop Tip: Mitering Crown Molding 89

Technique: Edge-Gluing Panels 92

Modular Cabinets 94

Shop Tip: Plywood Edging 96

Shop Tip: Installing Glass Panels 100

Designer's Notebook: Buffet Server 102

Hardware: European Hinges 104

Cherry Armoire 106!

Shop Tip: Burnishing a Miter 112

Shop Tip: Using a Rub Arm for Raised Panels 117

Technique: Floating Panels 119

Designer's Notebook: Entertainment Center 120

Joinery: Mortise & Spline 122

Shop Jig: Mortising Table 123

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