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To shorten the Tower Bookcase, cut the two 3/i" plywood case sides (A) and edging (B) only 405/8" high. That will make the overall height of the new design 41;,/b" tall. The width and depth of this short design remain the same as the original.

The top of the short design will "show" so make it out cf a matching solid wood or use frame and panel construction.

■ If the topis to /¿solid W-thick stock, build it up by edge gluing two or three pieces (iomintmize warp). Then cut the blank to finished dimensions of 14" wide by 20" long.

■ If the top is to be built with frame and iiamwoofMiivwiioil !SH ;>-r,H Star, by gluinga W strip on the back edge cf an oversized plywood blank. Thai cut the blank to li%"xl5y4". I fthe shorter bookcase is to become a plant stand, you may want to use a frame and panel top with a plastic la minate panel to prevent water damage. To do this, first glue a W strip on the back edge cf an oversized VV'-thick plywood blank. Then use contact cement to glue the plastic laminate on top of the plywood and over the top of the edging strip. Finally, cut the laminate-covered blank to 11%" x IS1//.

To make the three-sided frame for a frame and panel top, cut or plane solid stock to match the thickness of the hardwood plywood or panel covered with plastic laminate. Then cut the frame pieces t o a final width of 23/t". • The panel is held within the frame using tongue and groove joinery. Cut a W'-wide groove centered on the thickness of the frame pieces. Then cut * matching tongue on the front and ends of the panel. (The tongue is Vie" shorter than depth of the groove to allow for excess glue.)

■ Rout or rip a 12" bevel on the bottom edges of the top (frontand sides only) after the frame and panel are assembled.

■ The new top is attached from below with four flathead woodscrews located 1" in from each corner. They're counter» sunk up through the "sub-top" (fixed shelf, par t C). (If using a solid wood top, drill oversize shank hoks for the screws. This wi!) allow the topto expand

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