head. Finally, drill holes and screw the metal hanger into the mortise (Pig. 5b).

ROUT STOPPED RABBET. Next, a stopped rabbet is routed on the inside back edge cf each bracket to accept the back (D) (Fig. 5).

MOUNT BRACKETS. After the rabbets are routed, the brackets are mounted underthe shelf assembly. I decided not to fasten the brackets permanently so I used two short pins (dowels) to locate and stabilize the assembly (Fig. 6).

To mount the pins, drill two holes in the bottom of the second and fourth slats. I used %" dowelcentersto mark the locations cf the matching holes on the tops cf the brackets. Then drill these holes.

Finally, glue two short dowels into the top cf each bracket to act as locating pins. After they're glued in place, round over the end cf each dowel with sandpaper.

CUT OUT BACK. The final piece to cut is the back (D). It's ripped 5" wide and to length to fitbetween the stopped rabbets.

Next, rabbet the ends to produce tongues that fit in the stopped rabbets (Fig. 7).'Ihai round over the front edges with a W roundover b it

MOUNT PEGS. Now locateand drill Vfe" peg holes as shown on page 9. And then glue in the Shaker pegs (or mug pegs).

ATTACH MCK. Finally, the back is screwed to the brackets (Fig. 7). ■


Turning the Versatile Shelf into a quilt rack or a towel rack is a very simple procedure. Just drill a couple of holes into the brackets and add a dowel.

Quilt rack/towel rack

Quilt rack/towel rack prill deep holes to accepta v'-dia.

dowel wd


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