open boxes corner joints.

cut the pieces. Start building the drawers by cutting the V^'-thick drawer fronts/backs @ and drawer sides @ to a width Vie" less than the height of the opening. In my case, I cut these pieces 213/i6M wide (Fig. 10).

As for length, cut the sides (I) 73/8" long. To determine the length of the fronts/backs (H), measure the inside opening on the shelf (34y2,T) and sub tract Vie" (to allow space between the drawers). Then, to determine the length of one front/back pdeae, divide bv three (llVig").

dovetails. After cutting the drawer pieces to size, I cut the dovetails following the Drawer Layout shown an page 14. To use the hand saw method described oil pages 18 to 23, you only need one ls/i6"-wide spacer block. (Note; The lh" thickness of the drawer parts doesn't effect the basic procedure for cutting the dovetails, just the location OÍ the fosse lines.)

finger hole. After cutting the dovetail joints, lay out and cut a finger hole centered on the length of each drawer front (Fig. 11). Then, to make it smooth for fingers, Me down the inside edge of the hole (i% lla).

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