Stacking Storage

Perfectforashop, garage, or dorm room, these interlocking"crates" are quickto build and can be arrangedany number ofways—as shelves, a simple entertainment center, or a sturdy work table.

At first look, these storage racks might remind you cf the old wooden packing crates farmers used for shipping fruits and vegetables.

But look a little closer. Tbe most intriguing tbiig about the design is the way these "crates" stack together. The slats on the top of one crate interlock neatly and securelywith the slats on the bottom cf the crate above.

Aside from thisstackingfeature, the crates have other advantages. They're simple to build and don't require much in the way cf materials. You can add more units as you need them. And a built-in "handle" makes them easy to move around.

Finally, they're modular so they can be arranged in a wide variety of configurations. This makes them great for shop storage, or for use in a college dormitory room (You can even add a top to make a work surface; see page 37.)

Sizes. I used pine to build two sizes of crates—a small crate IS1/?" long and a larger one 31n long. You can make the crates any size you want by changing the length cf the slats and the back pieces.

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