Scribing stick, 111 Shelves

Adjustable, 51, 71,85,98,118 Materials, 62 Preventing sag, 61,62-63 Reinforcement, 61,63 Spans, recommended, 63 Support systems, 51, 57,61, 71,87, 9-8,115

Aligning and clamping edgingj S0 Assembly jig, 36 Beam compass, 26 BWoiishttig; miter, 112 Clean rabbets, 59

Installing glass panels, 100 Invisible hanging system, 17 Mitering crown molding, 89 Plywood edging, 96 Preventing blotchy stain, 84 Radius cutting, 41 Relief cuts for a tight fit, 67 Routing a plate groove, 85 Routing inside chamfers, 5? Trimming edging Hush, 4§ Using a keyhole tit 11 Using a rub arm for raised panels, 117

Wood movement, 29 Splines, making, 29,122,125

Stopped dado joint, 15,26,27,32,33 Stopped dovetail joint, 57,58 Stub tenon joint, 57,99 Tongue & dado joint, 32-93 Tongue & groove joint, 56-57 Top fasteners, 61 Towel Rack, 8,12 TV Cabinet, 120-lfl

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