The shelves and end frames o fthis project are held together without using any permanent joinery or hardware Yet its very sturdy with stiffeners added for support

The primary design feature of this shelf unit is one you can't see. There's no hardware except fifteen woodscrews. In fact, there's no permanent ¡ornery holding the shelves to the end frames. It all "knocks down" for easy storage or moving.

The shelves rest on dowel® in the end frames. This makes, the whole unit easy to disassemble by just lifting the shelves off the end dowels.

Okay, that makes it easy, but it can't be veiy sturdy, right?WeU, the sturdi-ness comes from stiffeners that are added to the back edges of the shelves These stiffeners are cut to fit tight between the end frames to prevent racking (sideways movemen^. They also serve other purposes. They keep the shelves from bowing underweight, and they work well as back stops for books so "fre/ don't slide off the back edge ofthe shelf.

materials. I used W-thick red oak to build the shelves and the end frames. And to match thesfe parts, I used oak dowels in the end frames. (If you can't find oak dowels, any hardwood dowels will work)

shelves. One of the first considerations when buying the Imber for a project like this is getting stock that's wide enough for the shelves (9Vzv wide). Although that might be the easiest approach, it may not be the best. Wide stock tends to warp easily, Since the shelves in this project are not mounted into dadoes in the end frames, they are particularly susceptible to warp as time goes on.

So, far this project I glued up a couple of narrower strips to make each shelf. The different grain patterBs in each strip will help prevent warp. (You will notice in the Cutting Diagram on the ■■■i|'posii!1 |i;a;<' thai 1 haw shown Iwu strips for each shelf.)

corners. There's one feature on the end frames that's typical on a lot of knoclNiswn furniture projects — a radius is cut on each corner to soften it To cut these radii, I used a method that produces a uniform radius on every corner. Check out this: procedure in the

FINISH, This shelf unit is likely to take abuse, so I finished it with two tiftföl of a satin Polyure thane vaiTlish, sanding between each of the coats,

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