Upper Case Molding

At this point, the lower case assembly is done, and you can start work on the upper case. It's built in several layers.

top molding. The first layer is the top molding (M) (Fig. 11). The molding starts out as a single workpiece cut into three pieces. It's the base for the rest of

Installing the molding is pretty pieces so the molding overhangs the sides and the case blocks on the front % W (Figs. Mm and lib). Then glue and screw them in place.

cleat. The next "layer" to add is the cleat (N) (Fig. 12). The I V4"-wide cleat is installed so its back edge is flush with the back edge of the top molding (Fig. 12a). This creates a W-wide "shelf" for the next layercf molding.

top front Now the top front (0) can be added (Fig. IS). (For an alternate design, see page 72.)

The top front is a beveled piece of molding with two tapered sides and an oval cut out of the middle. I cut the

From the oenter of the tag front I drew an oval (see the Shop Tip box

You don't have to be a whiz kid in geometry to draw an oval.

First only four points need to be drawn. Then all you have to do is draw two circles and two arcs with a compass.

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