Upper Door Stile

After the case of the cupboard was complete, I built the doors. I made glass upper doors and paneled lower doors. (You could leave off the upper doors.)

design CONSIDERATIONS. The basic construction of both the upper and lower doors is the same. They're built as openframes (Fig. 26), Then I put one large pane of glass (or two raised panels) into rabbets in the back of each door. The glass and raised panels are held in place with stops and keeper strips (refer to Fig. 36).

To build the doors this way, I had to come up with a slightly different mortise and tenon joint (Fig. 27). Since the muntins are mounted in front of the glass and panels, the joint for the muntins must be offset slightlytowards the front. Once I was set up to cut these offset mortises, it was easiest to cut the mortises for all of the rails this way.

CUT OUT STILES. Start making the doors by cutting all of the stiles (vertical pieces) to a common width cf 2" from V/-thick stock (Fig 28).

To determine the length cf the stiles, measure the height cf the cabinetopen-ings. Cut the stiles (U, V) to length so the doors will fit tight (After the doors were built, I planed them down for a uniform W gap all around.)

LAY OUT MORTISES. Next, lay out the location cf the mortises along the inside edge cf the stiles (Fig. 28). The mortises for the rails are VA" long. Those for the muntins are Y2H long.

cut MORTISES. I drilled out the mortises onadriHpresswithafence{'i,?iA 29). (If you don't have a fence, clamp a straight board to your drill press table.)

To cut the mortises, first insert a 3/ie" brad point bit in the drill press and set the speed to about 20002500 RPM. Then tighten the fence down so it's Vie" from the inside edge cf the bit. To get

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