Sm. Shelf Edg. (2)

3/4Xl -22V2

Mount the bullet catches on the divider cap just under the fixed shelf edging (Fig. 4). Then, mount the strikes on the astragal and door trim.

There may be room above your TV to add a large shelf UJ). it has edging (KK) on the front like the small shelves.


HH Fixed Shelf (1) 3/4 ply -23 x 46V* II Fixed Shelf Edg.(l) 3/4x IV4-46 JJ Large Shelf (1) % ply -21 x457/a KK Lrg. Shelf Edg.(l) 3/4x1-45% LL Astragal (1) % x 2 - 69 rough MM Door Tnm (1) 3/s x 3/4 - 69 rough PARTS NOT NEEDED: W Shelves (Only 2 of 7 required) Y Clothes Rod 2 Rod Supports HARDWARE:

Only 12 pin-type shelf supports required V4"-dia. dowel pins not needed

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