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the revo, which replaces their original K Body clamp.The changes are substantial without altering what makes the K Body great. For starters, the Revo comes in two models, the KV and KRV. The KV has a fixed head, while the KRV (right) has an adjustable head.

The Revo sports new soft-grip handles that are larger than the old wooden ones.The Revo can apply about 1,500 lbs. pressure, which ought to take care of any glue-up.The larger jaws are covered with removable, non-marring, glue-repellant caps.

A plastic support has been added on the end of the bar to stabilize the clamp when the jaws are set close together on a bench.

Finally, the REVO features a pair of contact elements that slide along the bar between the clamp heads keeping the material being clamped from contacting the bar and leaving those annoying stains.

Source: Bessey Tools,, (800) 828-1004, Revo clamps, available in 8 lengths from 12" to 98," from $36 to $72.

nasty swirl marks. Second, they're better at maintaining speed under load. If you push down with any force on a sander with a universal motor, the rotation of the pad slows down or stops, resulting in visible pigtail marks. But when we pushed down with reasonable force on this sander, it barely slowed down. The result is that you can remove stock up to 42% faster, according to Porter-Cable.The 390 motors pull 3.5 amps; most sander motors are less powerful, running from 2.5 to 3 amps.

Finally, there's durability. With significantly fewer moving parts, a brushless motor will last much longer than a universal motor. If you prefer rugged tools,

__this is a good pick. These sanders also have variable speed, a dustportfor 1" and 1-1/2" hoses, and are available with either hook-and-loop or PSA pads.

Source: Porter-Cable,, (888) 848-5175, Low Profile Sander, #390 (H&L),$129; #392, (PSA, no dust collection), $129; #394, (PSA with dust collection) $129.

My Shop

Woodworking in the Fast Lane

When the NASCAR season ends, SPEED TV reporters Ray Dunlap and John Roberts bum rubber to their woodshops.

By Megan Englehart

WHAT DOES THE SMELL OF OIL, rubber and exhaust have to do with woodworking? Plenty, if you're Ray Dunlap and John Roberts, two passionate woodworkers who also happen to be famous names in the world of NASCAR. Ray (above) is a pit reporter in NASCAR's Craftsman Truck Series. John (opposite page) is the host of SPEED TV'S NASCAR RaceDay pre-race show. Both of these guys enjoyed woodworking well before they started their current careers and have their own woodshops in the same town in North Carolina.They see their shops as a place to balance their fast-paced NASCAR careers with a bit of tranquility.

"Woodworking is my stress reliever," says Ray."When we finish the racing season in November, we're off the road until we test at Daytona in January. So for a couple of months, I can go out to my shop, work a full day and relax. I can put on my tool belt and work there for eight or ten hours, like it's my real job."

Ray learned carpentry and woodworking from his uncle and hones his skills with the help of magazines and television programs. He builds cabinets, furniture and bookcases and also uses his shop to complete home renovation projects—Ray admits that some of these projects have been going on for over ten years.

"Planning my shop was really interesting," Ray says/'because I studied pictures of many different shops. I was able to lay out my shop from a blank sheet of paper and arrange things properly. I like having the shop connected to my garage—this makes it easy to move in lumber and plywood. I also like having plenty of space to work and having all my tools easily accessible—just like the pit crews at Talladega. For fun, I've added some NASCAR memorabilia along the walls. I'm happy with the results, although I wish I'd incorporated even more storage space."

John's shop feels spacious, thanks to its vaulted ceiling and natural lighting.

Huge windows and wood floors create a work-friendly environment in John Roberts'shop.

Tell Us About Your Shop

Send us photos of your shop, a layout drawing and a description of what makes your shop interesting. Tell us what you make in it and what makes your shop important to you. If "My Shop"features your shop, you'll receive $100.

E-mail your entry to with digital photos attached. Or mail your description with prints or digital photos on a disc to My Shop, American Woodworker, 1285 Corporate Center Drive,Suite 180,Eagan, MN 55121. Please include your phone number. Submissions cannot be returned and become our property on acceptance and payment. We may edit submissions and use them in all print and electronic media.

Like Ray, John appreciates the subtle benefits of woodworking."It's hard to be on the road more than 38 weeks a year," he says."But that all disappears when I start woodworking. My shop is my place of seclusion, peace and quiet."

Tired of bumping and banging with cars, bikes and other clutter in a cramped garage shop, John recently completed an addition that includes a brand-new shop with large windows that overlook his backyard and Lake Norman in North Carolina."! definitely built my shop for the gorgeous view of the lake and the boats.There's nothing better than woodworking while looking out over the water."John laid out the shop just the way he want

John's shop feels spacious, thanks to its vaulted ceiling and natural lighting.

ed. And even though he was out of town for most of the construction, he did much of the finish carpentry work himself.

John learned woodworking while he was in college and steadily built his skills over the years. He primarily builds cabinets, furniture, shelving, entertainment centers and jewelry boxes. He also uses the shop to make parts for outdoor projects such as gazebos, decks, fences and trellises. Recently, John had the honor of building huge director and Adirondack chairs for NASCAR RaceDay's Daytona 500 set.

Huge windows and wood floors create a work-friendly environment in John Roberts'shop.

Step ^^ Remove Drum

More Power:

The unique "Turbo-Fan" impeller from JDS now provides more CFM and greater performance at high levels of static pressure.

Quick Connect Drum Lever:

Disposing of collected waste is quick and easy! Just lift up the drum lever and slide the steel drum out. Return the drum and lock down the lever, its that easy!

a HP Cyclone mo ivinx cm


The JDS Cyclones have a base with wheels that allow the cyclones to be transported anywhere!

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