MoM 6095DWE Cordtess Driver-Odd Kit Caaa wfth Extra Battery 2-Spetd. Variable Speed. Rev

Equipped With Double Vottag« (9 «V A 72V). Kayloss Chock J »ata Price $148.60


Model 903SN FlntsMng Sander

Uses V> Sheet oi Standard Sandpaper. Dual Action

Sale Price S41.00

Model 82000W 3/8* Cordlese Driver-Drill Kit 2 Spoad. Var. Speod. Rov . Removable 9 6V Battery. Kvytoss Chuck. Sale Price $147.00

Model 60S30W Cordlesa Driver-Drill With Steel Case 2 Speed. Var. Speed. Rev.. Sale Price $125.00

Model 809901 Cord leu Driver-Drill with FlaahllgM Same as Above With Piasbc Case Sale Price $159.00

Model LS1011 10* SSde Compound Sew Sale Price $439.00

Model JR3000V Rectpro Saw wttti Case VaraWe Speed. Sale Price $125.00

Model 2012 12* Portable Planer Sale Price $449.00

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