Layout Tool For Large Arcs

Large circles or arcs are drawn, or "struck," with a pair of trammel points. Two trammel points clamped to a stick, or "beam." work like large dividers. You buy the trammel points and make your own beam, usually out of wood.

There's variety in the quality of trammel-point sets. Ruggedness, precision and finish improved as the price goes up. Here are some highlights.

The Kunz set (photo D) from W<x>dcraft is notable for its ruggedness. The Starrett set ( photo C) from Garrett Wade is beautifully finished and very precise. The very similar General set ( photo B) from Trend-Lines lacks the fine finish but costs much less than the others. Garrett Wade's 10N35.01 set ( photo A) is mgged, precise, and will clamp to a very large beam. It's mv first choice. Tool catalogs also list less expensive "beam compasses" that mark with a pencil instead of scribing with a steel point.

MAIL ORDER SOURCES Trammel-point sets and beams are available from: Garrett Wade. 161 Ave. of the Americas, New York. NY 10013, (800) 221-2942. Trend-Lines. 375 Beacham St., Chelsea, MA 02150,(800)343-3248.

Woodcraft. P.O. Box 1686. Parkersburg, WV 26102,(800)225-1153.

Woodworker's Supply, 5604 Alameda Place N.E., Albuquerque, NM 87113, (800) 645-9292.

Tilting the bandsaw table and sawing a curve on the edge of the stock (above) produces the subtle arch in the lower rafl of a chair (right).

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