Plug-Ejecting Hole Saw

When using a hole saw, the sawn-out plug of wood always seems to get stuck inside the hole saw. Prying out the plug is a nuisance. With Vermont American's plug-ejecting hole saw, all you need is a reversing drill to "power" the plug out automatically. Mere's how it works: After cutting a hole, you cant the bodv of the hole saw in the hole to jamb it tight, then reverse the drill. A reverse thread on the hole-saw spindle pushes the plug out of the hole-saw body. The hole saw is available from 7/s-in. dia. up to 2'/2-in. dia. (Price: SI7.80, %-in. to $22.50, 2'/2-in.) MVennont American Tool Co., Dept. AWT, P.O. Box 340, Lincoln ton, NC 28093, (704) 735-7464.

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