Bandsawing tight curvcs in thick wood often results in the blade binding or bowing in the kerf. Here are some tips for trouble-free sawing:

• Pick the right blade. I recommend a %-in. hook-tooth blade with nine teeth per inch (available fmm Olson Saw Co.. 16 Stony Hill Rd.. Bethel. CT 06801. 800-634-4047).

• Check the blade for squareness to the handsaw table on both front and side. When sawing, don't push loo hard on the wooden block. Let the cut proceed at its own pace, nudging it gently around the contours.

•To avoid wide kerfs and rapid blade wear, slow the band-saw speed to match the slower feed rate. To do this. I install a 1 '/»-in. drive pulley on the bandsaw molor. and an 8-in. driven pulley on the saw. With this setup, a 1725 rpm motor turning a 14-in. bandsaw wheel will give a blade speed of 1185 ft. per minute, which is just about right for this job. Changing pulleys isn't for everyone, but youll find the cutting w ill go more smoothly if you do.—R.L.

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