Cutting End Laps With A

There's another way to cut end laps, and it's even cleaner than when making them in multiple passes. The only drawbacks are that this method requires two setups (and a tenon jig) and you can't use it to cut cross laps.

To cut a half lap with this method, first you establish the shoulder of the lap. This setup is basically the same as the multiple pass method, except this time you use a regular blade instead of a dado blade.

After the shoulder's cut, I use a tenon jig to cut the cheek, sneaking up on the final cut until it's exactly half the thickness of the piece.

Set shoulder cut to match width of workpiece •--

Set shoulder cut to match width of workpiece •--

Shoulder cut. First, cut the shoulder, setting the fence so the outside of the blade matches the width of the piece.

Half Lap Router Jig
Cheek cut. Next, using a tenon jig, cut the cheek of the half lap, sneaking up on the final thickness of the cut.
Homemade Tenon Jig Plans
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