Making Dowels

While rounding up the materials for the serving tray (see page 6), I looked high and low for a l"-dia. mahogany dowel. When I couldn't find one locally, I decided to make my own.

The idea behind making a dowel is pretty simple. You start with a long, straight piece of square stock and simply rout a roundover on all four edges. The only problem is that after you've routed the first three roundovers, there isn't anything for the bearing of the router bit to ride on while routing the fourth and final roundover.

The secret is to leave the ends of the dowel blank square, and use the fence on the router table as a

Making Dowels

Round over bit

Direction of feed.

SECOND: Rout roundover on each edge ,

FIRST: Push blank into bit bearing, see Fig. 1.

Shop Note: Because the dowels I needed for the serving tray were longer than my router table top, I had to clamp a longer support base and fence to my router table.

To make the dowel, I started with a 1 "-square blank 24" long. Using a i/2" roundover bit, I routed one edge of the blank, starting and stopping an inch or so short at each end, see Fig. 2.

Then I just rounded over the other three edges in the same manner. Afterwards, I cut the dowel to length and lightly sanded it to remove any burn marks. E9

NOTE: Leave ends square on j workpiece

Blank is 4"- 6 " longer than finished length of dowel

Clamp fence and base to router to support workpiece

Blank is 4"- 6 " longer than finished length of dowel

Raise blade to Vs" and repeat process

and forth across highest point of saw blade

Length of tenon

Rip fence ivvic:

Raise saw blade in Vk" increments

- Hardwood dowel r

Make shoulder cut first


=> ^— dowel holding the dowel against the rip fence and rotating it into the blade. An auxiliary fence attached to the miter gauge helps to support the workpiece while it's being rotated.

Next, I began "nibbling" away the waste between the shoulder and the end of the tenon by simply sliding the workpiece back and forth over the blade, rotating it slightly between each pass, see Figs. 2 and 2a.

Once I removed the waste around the entire tenon, I raised the blade another Vie" (to a total height of W) and repeated the process, see Figs. 3 and 3a. This way, I ended up with a %"-dia. tenon on the end of the l"-dia. dowel. E3

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