Portable Storage Bins

Storage for nails, screws and other small parts is another problem that nearly every woodworker faces. Although we received dozens of ideas for storage containers using just about everything imagineable, I really liked the design of these portable storage bins sent in by Peter Coope of North Stonington, Connecticut

Not only do these bins hold a lot, but they're great for carrying to a job-site.You can easily carry two in one hand by placing them back to back. And a simple rack allows you to store the bins underneath a benchtop so the contents are within easy reach. The size of the bins can be readily adjusted to suit your needs.

The front, back and bottom of each bin is made of 1/4" hardboard, while the sides are made of V£"-thick solid wood (pine), see drawing at far right. Rabbets along the edges of the sides hold the front and back panels. And a groove near the bottom of each side piece holds the bottom.

Before assembling the bin, a handle is made by drilling a couple 1"-

Bins fit into V-shaped shelves so contents are accessible

Front VA"hard board)

dia. holes in the back panel of the bin and removing the waste in between with a sabre saw. Then the pieces of the bin are glued together and fastened with brads.

Hie rack is nothing more than a couple of boards nailed together in a "V" formation between two uprights. The boards act as a "cradle" to hold the bins, see Figs. 1 and la. E9

Boards create "Cradle" to hold bins

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