Spindle Sander Jointer

I don't have a jointer in my fit around the drum of my shop, so I came up with a oscillating spindle sander. way to use my oscillating Then to create an offset spindle sander for jointing between the front and back edges. I just made a simple of the fence, I shaved about "jointing" fence. V32" off the "infeed" side of

The fence is nothing the fence, see detail 'a', more than a straight board (The deeper the cut, the with a U-shaped cut out to slower you'll have to feed the workpiece.)

To use the fence, simply clamp it to the top of the sander so the drum is flush with the "outfeed" edge of the fence. Then all you have to do is feed boards along the fence past the sanding drum, see photo.

Carl Stanton LinviUe, N. Carolina

Clamp fence to table so outfeed edge is flush with sanding drum

^T1 Direction of feed

!4?" offset (exaggerated for clarity)

top view

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