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Dimensioning your lumber will be a waste of time if the wood moves after your milling is done. Here are some quick tips to reduce wood movement:

• Always store your wood inside the shop for a couple of weeks before working it, allowing it to equalize with the moisture content of your shop.

• Choose your truest boards for the longest parts of your project, and use short, narrow or severely warped lumber for smaller furniture pieces.

• If you can, mill only what lumber you'll use within a few days. If you can't work straight through a project, stack milled parts on a flat surface and sticker the pile to promote even air circulation. Weight down the stack if the parts are under in. thick to keep things flat. You can also cover parts in plastic wrap. I use a wrap similar to the kind used for wrapping pallet goods {available from Nifty Products. 4 Jocama Blvd.. Old Bridge. NJ 08857. 800631-2172) to prevent changes in moisture content. —LB.

Use a miter gauge to cut the board to length. A straight stick screwed to the miter gauge provides more control when cutting long boards.

the gauge as an auxiliary fence. (See photo, above.) Crosscut one end of the board first, then mark to length and cut the other end. If you're cutting several pieces of the same length, clamp a stop block to your auxiliary miter fence.

Now that your lumber is fiat and true, cut your joints and assemble your furniture. You'll be proud of the result. A

LONNIE BIRD teaches woodworking and offers seminars on shaper use at the University of Rio Grande in Ohio.

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