To improve the fit between the miter-gauge bar and miter slot, author makes a series of dimples along the edge of the bar with a center punch.

Most saw inserts have set screws that let you adjust them flush with the tabletop. Turn the screws in or out until the plate just touches the edge of a straighiedge laid across the opening. If there arc no adjusting screws on your insert, you can shim up the plate with masking tape or lower it by filing some material off the bottom.


Periodic cleaning can improve performance and help keep a saw in tune over time.

Regularly blow or scrape out any dust or resin buildup from the inside of your saw. paying special attention

Segmented belts and machined pulleys are available from:

Chicago. IL 60622

Woodcraft, 210 Wood County Industrial Park. Box 1686, Parkersburg. WV 26102 (800) 225-1153, Circle «602

Saw blade stabilizers are available from:

CMT Tools, 5425 Beaumont Center Blvd.. Suite 900. Tampa. FL 33634 (800) 531-5559, Circle #603

Forrest Mfg., 461 River Rd.,

Clifton. NJ 07014

(800) 733-7111, Circlc #604

Freud, 218 Fold Ave..

High Point. NC 27264

(910) 434-8312, Circlc #605

Alignment tools are available from: Accurate Technology, Inc.,

11533 NE 118th St.. Suite 20.

Kirkland. WA 98034

(800) 233-0580, Circlo #606

B.C. Ames Co., 131 Lexington St., Box 70. Waltham. MA 02254 (800) 438-4249, Circle #607

Exact Cuts Tool Co., Dept. AWT. Box 268. Florence. OR 97439 (800) 643-7411, Circlc #608

Grade #5 bolts are available from:

Nolan Supply, Box 6289. 111-115 Loo Ave., Syracuse, NY 13217 (800) 736-2204, C.rcie »625

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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