Silversoldering Randsaw Blades

Using silver solder to join bandsaw blades is an old technique, and it can be a durable one if you do it correctly. The keys are getting enough heat on the joint and holding the band straight—if you solder the band while the ends are canted, it will "hula" (wobble) when you try to run it on your saw.

The first step in silver-soldering a blade is to grind back the two ends of the blado on a bench grinder to form a sort of tapered half-lap joint. (See "Joint Detail.") After grinding, lightly sand with emery cloth and fine sandpaper to remove dirt, oil and oxidation from the faces adjacent to the ground surfaces. Otherwise, you won't get a good bond. Next, place the two ends of the band in a clamping setup that will keep the blade straight. Vou can buy a commercially made rig like the Blade Brazer (available from Wood Systems. Inc.. Box 51744. New Berlin. Wl 53154. 800-321-0834), but turner Rude Osolmk (see main story) simply reworked a lathe tool rest into a jig. (See drawing.) You could substitute a piece of 3-in. by 3-in. angle iron if you want.

Once the ends of the band are properly aligned and clamped in your jig, brush them both liberally with brazing flux. (Brazing flux and silver solder are available from hardware stores or by mail from Wood Systems. Inc.. 800-321-0834.)

Heat the joint with an acetylene. MAPP or propane torch, keeping the blue part of the flame on the metal. You may need two propane torches to get up to soldering temperature—about 1350° to 1400° F. When the steel is dull red and the flux is completely liquid, touch the silver solder to it and the solder will run into the joint. Feed the solder until the joint is full.

Align ends of blade over slot so joint halves overlap and are square. A

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