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One of the most difficult jobs in any home shop is cutting large sheets of plywood. So if you have a good technique for safely and accurately cutting plywood down to size, tell us about iL

We'll publish the best plywood cutting techniques and ideas in an upcoming issue of Woodsmith. Winners will receive $100 and a Woodsmith Master Try Square. Duplicate or similar entries will be considered in the order we receive them. Send your ideas (postmarked no later than January 15,1991) to Shop Tips Contest, Woodsmith, 2200 Grand Ave., Des Moines, Iowa 50312.

bars until the bevel rests flat on the stone, see Fig. 6.

Now tighten the wing nuts to draw up the bottom bar against the tool. In use, the bevel rubs on the stone, and the carriage rides on its back corners, see Fig. 6.

Shop Note: When sharpening narrow plane irons and chisels, mount them off center in the carriage. Then, to keep even wear on the stone, turn the stone end for end periodically.




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