Table Saw Stand

This sturdy, mobile table saw stand has several unique features that mal<e it a great addition to any shop.

Let's tace iL Table saws lake up a lot of room. And since shop space is always at a premium, we designed this stand so tbat it would be mobile. This way, it can be rolled out of the way when you need some extra floor space {or need to park your car).

MOBILITY, Mobility isn't hard to add to a tool stand — just add casters to the base and away you go.

I added four swivel casters to this stand. This allows it to turn on a dime. You can move it front-to-back or side-to-side without a problem, and you can roll the stand in and out of tight spaces quite easily.

Of course, adding mobility creates another problem—getting the stand not to move. Casters tend to reduce the stability of the stand. And the last thing you want when pushing a sheet of plywood through the saw blade is

to wonder if you remembered to lock die casters.

STABILITY. Milking the saw stable was as easy as making it mobile, I simply built a sturdy frame with four wide corner posts. The thick hard maple and MDI-' make the frame heavy enough to dampen vibration, and half lap joinery holds it securely together.

But how do you get both the stability and mobility to work together?

Hie key is retractable casters. To engage the casters, simply step down on a cam bar. see left photo below. Now die stand can be wheel«! around easily. When the saw is in position, just lift the cams to retract the wheels. This puts all the weight of the stand (and saw) on the four corner posts.

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