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Jim Morgan's Wood Profits

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#147, April/May 2010

V Lasts Longer < Thicker Stronger

Only $79.90 Item: HSSK-041

Advertising Director Ad Sales Manager Classified Advertising Representitive Vice President/Production Production Manager Production Coordinator Systems Engineer V.P. Consumer Marketing Circulation Newsstand Consultant Online Subscription Manager Product Marketing Manager New Business Manager Newsstand Sales Associate Renewal and Billing Manager Renewal and Billing Associate

Brian Ziff Susan Tauster Sam Selvaggio Derek W. Corson Michael J. Rueckwald Kristin N. Beaudoin Denise Donnarumma Dennis O'Brien Susan Sidler TJ Montilli Jodi Lee Beth Dunham Mike Valanzola Hannah di Cicco Nekeya Dancy Adriana Maldonado

Customer Service

Consistent cuts and reduced kick-back on any table saw, router table, or fence

Change common saw blades without damage to the blade, or your knuckles


Keep a push stick, depth gauge, and other important table top accessories close at hand

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Wood Working 101

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