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Whether you're a weekend woodworker looking to expand the scope of your projects or a serious craftsman ready to turn your passion into a business. ShopBot has an affordable, American-made solution for your woodworking needs. Our PRSstandard CNC system gives you the performance necessary to take your designs to the next level, while our PRSalpha offers professional-grade speed, power and accuracy at a fraction of the cost of the big iron machines.

To get you up and running as quickly as possible, we offer training at our headquarters or in your shop, and, with some of the best technical support in the industry and a worldwide peer network, help is never more than a phone call or a mouse click away.

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PRSalpha 120-60

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Cyclonic Retrofits tot Your Existing System.

One Stop Shopping tor All ol Yout Dust Collection Needs.

The Dust Deputy

Turn your shop vacuum into o cyclonic super

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D.I.Y. Dust Deputy Starts at S59.00 Deluxe Kit Shown Here S99.00

Dusl Collection Since 1993.

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Workshop Tips continued

Workshop Tips continued

Dust Separator Upgrade

HERE'S AN EASY UPGRADE for a 30-gallon trashcan dust-separator lid. (The lid directs most shavings and chips to the trashcan, so a small-capacity vacuum or dust collector doesn't fill up as fast.) As purchased, the separator has holes to accept two 4" hoses. On my lid, the hoses tended to slip out of the holes. This loose fit allows a fair amount of vacuum loss.

To improve the lid, I bought a 4" plastic dust collection splicer and cut off two 2" sections. I glued these short tubes to the lid's holes using silicone, and mounted the hoses with hose clamps. I also put weather stripping around the bottom edge of the lid for a better seal to the trashcan.

Frederich Meder Source: Rockier Woodworking and Hardware, www.rockler. com, (800) 279-4441, Large Dust Collection Separator, #27351, $32; 4" Splicer, #88535, $7.

Drill Press Mortiser

IF YOU HAVE A DRILL PRESS and a cross-sliding vise, there's no need to purchase a mortising machine. A cross-sliding vise is a machinist's vise with two crank handles-one crank moves the part held in the vise back and forth, while the other moves it side to side.

Mount the vise on a piece of plywood or MDF with a 3/4" spacer block under the vise so that the handles can turn all the way around. Clamp the assembly to your drill press table.

Chuck an end mill the size of your mortise into the drill press. An end mill is similar to a drill bit, but it allows you to cut sideways as well as downward. It also leaves a flat bottom. Line up the end mill with your layout lines and cut. Don't try to cut the whole mortise to full depth in one pass, though.

Peter Ingrassia Sources: Grizzly Industrial, Inc.,, (800) 523-4777, #G1064 Cross-Sliding Vise, $45. Little Machine Shop,, (800) 981-9663, End Mill Set, 6 pc„ 4 flute, #1243, $19.

Picture Frame Glue-up here's a quick way to glue up a mitered frame of any size using only two clamps, with no worry that the frame will shift out of alignment.

You'll need two 1" x 1" hardwood bars (make them whatever length suits your needs). Fasten a 1" x 1" x 2" fixed stop block to one end of each bar, and make two 1" x 1" x 4" loose stop blocks for the other ends.

Lay two opposing pieces of the frame against the bars, with one end butted against the fixed stop. Place the loose stops against the other end of each piece, and screw the stops to the bars. The distance between the stops on both bars should be exactly the same. You're ready to glue.

Charles Richey

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