Drawers With No Visible Means Of Support

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I think this is a project thatH J might appeal to a lot of woodworkers. I'll admit the design is quite simple. But simple designs often require quite a bit of ingenuity in the shop. That was definitely true with this Coffee Table.

The entire table (including the drawers) is assembled with only one basic joint: through dovetails. Every one of these joints must be cut by hand, and they're clearly visible once the table is assembled. If you blow a cut, it's going to show.

And then there's the drawers. If you were to crawl under this coffee table (a favorite pastime of woodworkers), you'd see nothing but the bottoms of the drawers. No rails, no drawer guides, no visible means of support. Just three drawers hanging in mid-air. But before we get to the drawrers, the basic table must be assembled.

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