The Cutting Diagram

I started by laying out the cuts to make two steps and four legs. For the time being, I considered the legs four separate pieces (two short legs for the front and two long legs for the back). Later, one short and one long leg would be joined together later to form the final 'stair-step' legs.

the cutting diagram. The Cutting Diagram shows how to lay out the cuts on 5V2"-wide boards. Basically, I cut two pieces for each leg: one piece 5" wide and another 2V4" wide. These two pieces are edge-glued together (no dowels or splines) to get the IV-i rough width. Fig. 1.

After the glue was dry. I planed these boards smooth. The hard part is making sure the boards are planed to an even thickness, especially at the ends of the boards (where the dovetails will be cut.)

After the boards are planed to final thickness, I cut off one end square with the edges (leaving the other end rough, and a little long for now). Then 1 ripped them down to the final width of 7".

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