The Top And Legs

The table consists of three slabs of wood for the top and two legs (sides). Each slab is glued up from y< oak (y< hardwood is lVie" thick actual). As shown in the Cutting Diagram, I started out with four boards bVz" wide and 8' long.

Before cutting the boards into the three sections for the three slabs, I marked each section so I could keep them in order. Then I cut off each section to rough length, and ripped a clean edge on both edges (trimming the width down to about 5W wide).

The rough dimensions for the legs are 21"w x 20"1, and for the top: 21"w x 52"1, Fig. 1.

To glue up the slabs, 1 started with the legs because the pins of the dovetails would be cut in them first. After arranging the sections in the same order for each slab, I applied glue to the edges and clamped them together with pipe clamps — no dowels or splines were used. When the glue was dry, I hand-planed the slabs smooth, making sure the end of each slab was a uniform thickness from edge to edge. (See Woodsmith Number 15 for more on this method.)

Now all three slabs can be ripped to a final width of 20V2". One end of each slab for the legs is cut off square — leaving the other end rough and a little long for now. Both ends of the slab for the top are cut off square, to a final length of 51".

shop note. To get a good clean edge, I used a circular saw (Skil saw) with a hollow-ground planer blade to make the cut. Also, I clamped a fence to the slab to guide the shoe of the circular saw\

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