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My parent's one cardinal rule for allowing me to use their garage for my shop is that 1 always leave room for my mom's car.

new miter saw, router, router table, nail gun, planer and a bandsaw. I still keep in touch with the cabinetmaker—he gives me off-cuts that are a bother to him, but perfect for me.

Lately I've turned my garage-based hobby into a small business, doing woodworking projects mostly for neighbors and friends: bookcases, small cabinets, picture frames and such. After I graduate from college, my goal is to have my own shop, outfitted with more tools than I can count. My dream is to save enough money to buy the cabinetmaker's shop where I learned so much. But until then, I'll keep working in my "Mom-and-Pop" shop.

Jordan Riddle

Stillwater, OK

My First Shop

I'M A 20-YEAR-OLD college student at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater. My shop had its beginning a couple of years ago, when I was still living at home in Enid. My Mom said that I could park my pickup in the garage, or have a little woodworking shop in the same space. A young tool nut, I had already acquired a pretty good collection of woodworking tools, so it was an easy choice. My truck would stay outside. Now, when the

--weekends come, I head straight to my parent's house and my garage shop.

Ever since I was a child, I've been obsessed with building and fixing things. I've taught myself for the most part and I've learned from others. Last summer I got a job working for a cabinetmaker in Waukomis, OK. It was a great experience that added many new techniques to my woodworking skills. And with the extra money I made, I was able to buy a

My new tablesaw was Christmas gift from my parents. I bought most of my other tools with money earned from woodworking projects.

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E-mail your entry to myshop« american woodworker,com with digital photos attached. Or mail your description with prints or digital photos on a disc to My Shop, American Woodworker, 1285 Corporate Center Drive, Suite 180, Eagan, MN 55121. Please include your phone number. Submissions cannot be returned and become our property on acceptance and payment. We may edit submissions and use them in all print and electronic media.

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