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A ROUTER'S ABILITY to CUt, shape, carve and drill makes it one of woodworking's most versatile tools. Its usefulness continues to expand, as evidenced by the large number of new accessories, bits and jigs that come to market every year. And its popularity is underscored by manufacturers' ongoing efforts to improve the machine itself.

This issue of American Woodworker is our 10th annual Router Special.There's never been a shortage of "new and improved" router items to write about,and this year is no exception. We've included several of our favorites in "Well-Equipped Shop" (see page 14), such as Freud's expanded line of Quadra-Cut bits, with patented up and down shear cutters that help eliminate tearout and fuzz on even the toughest woods. We also cover Festool's new MFK 700 EQ trim router, Infinity's professional router table coping sled,CMT's bowl and tray bit set, and many more.

Porter-Cable's all-new Omnijig Joinery System is a major entry in this year's field of dovetail jigs (see page 24). We all aspire to mastering dovetail joints—either by hand or machine, because they add beauty and strength to any project.The "Shaker Blanket Chest" (see page 62) turned out to be a perfect piece to put the new Omnijig through its paces. Capable of routing through, half-blind,fixed and variably spaced dovetails, Porter-Cable went all out to make this new Omnijig accurate and easy to use.

Making a tambour door is another woodworking technique that holds a similar attraction. If you've ever built a roll-top desk, you know the sense of accomplishment that you feel after completing the tambour. Traditionally, tambour doors were created by gluing strips of

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