Router Bit Nest

Router Bit Nest

WATCHING AN EXPENSIVE router bit roll onto the floor is a heartbreaking experience. In the middle of a project, it can be a disaster. I drilled a few 1/2" and 1/4" holes in the edge of a piece of MDF and fastened it to the back of my router table's fence. In this nest, i keep all the bits I'm using for a particular project at my fingertips without worrying about having them roll off the table.

—Serge Duclos

Finishing Turntable —

My finishing turntable is perfect for spraying large parts or projects. To make the device, I mounted five fixed 3-112" casters on a plywood panel. They're equally spaced in a 16" diameter circle. Fixed casters won't pivot, so the project rotates around its center. I placed 3" blocks in front of the casters to keep them from getting clogged with finish.

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Sandpaper Index

WHEN TURNING, I like to have all my supplies close at hand, ready for use. I use an index-card box to store and organize cut pieces of sandpaper. It has a lid and dividers, so everything is neat and orderly. When you cut sandpaper into sections, some pieces won't have the grit information on them, so I mark the back of each one-using a color coding system.

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