Ardwoods Cut To Order

20 spccies in stuck fioiu 1/4" to 4" lick, burls for turners, wood II) its S59.95, veneers, woodworker's ipplies. Colonial Hardwoods, jringfield, VA (800)466-5451.

HE WOODSHOP AT WOOD-RAFT—From Aspen to Zircote, the /oodshop stocks over 40 different >ecies of domestic and exotic hard-oods in sizes ranging from pen anks to carving blocks. Satisfaction uarantccd! Call (800) 542-9115. ■cpt.97WOWAC2 for a FREE cau-g or see

SHOP BUILT SLIDING DOVETAIL MACHINE. Cut drawer fronts and sides accurately every time. Detailed plans. Send $9.95 to Kennedy Cabinetry. 9 Oakglade Plaza, Hummelstown. PA 17036.


Elegant antique-style picnic table & two benches. Sets up and takes down quickly & easily without tools. Packs Hat. No hinges, wedges or loose pans. NO UGLY 2x4's! Quick & easy to make. Inst, package with complete plans & full-size patterns only $24.95. Morgan B. Smith, P.O. Box 317, Anthony, FL 32617.

BUILD YOUR OWN circular saw jig. Jig produces repetitive accurate cuts, project plans included. Send $9.95 plus $1.45 S/H. check or money order to: Wooden Designs, P.O. Box 7323, Somerset. NJ 08875-7323.


Assemble your own Pennsylvania or Kentucky rifle. 1861. 1863 Springfield, Brown Bess, Charleville, or other muzzleloading rifles with one of our kits. Order the GIANT 600-pg. Dixie Gun Works catalog today! Send S5 or $8.50 COD to: Dixie Gun Works, Dept. AW. P.O. Box 130, Union City. TN 38261. Or call: (901) 885-0700.'

FULL-SIZE PROFESSIONAL PLANS, catalog $3. Over 200 professionally designed plans for building fine furniture. Furniture Designs Inc.. CN-37. 1827 Elmdaic Ave., Glen-view, IL 60025.


Over 2500 items wholesale! (example: 3K* clockmakers lorstner bit only $19.50!) Color 64 page catalog and two clock plans $3.00 deposit (credited). Steebar. P.O. Box 980-AW. Andover, NJ 07821-0980.


Woodcraft offers the greatest selection of pen and pencil kits you'll find anywhere! Not to mention key rings, letter openers, magnifying glasses, perfume applicators, etc. Call today for a FREE catalog! (800) 542-9115. Dept. 97PEWAC2 or

TASHIRO'S SHARP JAPANESE TOOLS since 1888. Free ZETA™ saw system catalog. 2939 4th Avenue South. Seattle WA 98134. (206) 621-0199. FAX (206) 621-0157.


Any logo, design, signature. Absolutely lowest custom prices. Money back guarantee. Brochure $1. Brand New. Dept. AW2, 6125 Pedernal. Golcta.

A Course In Wood Turning

A Course In Wood Turning

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