Plywood Base

To cut banding, I made a trimmer that slices it quickly and cleanly with a guillotine-type action. The trimmer is made from a 2-in. plane iron, some maple and a piece of plywood. It can deftly trim just a gnat's hair from the end of a banding segment, if necessary.

A few notes on construction: The plane iron should fit snugly in the groove, yet slide easily. (Paraffin on the edges of the iron helps.) The fences are set at 90* and 45* to the blade, but they can easily be remounted for trimming other angles. They're screwed to the plywood through washers and oversized holes, to allow for fine angle adjustment.

To use the jig, hold the piece of banding against the appropriate fence, align your cutting mark with the blade and press down gently on the handle. —S.N.

non-beveled edge toward fences.


45* CUTS

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