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PAUL ANTHONY is an associate editor of AW.


JF ^^ Have a shop jig or fixture you'd like to share? Send a photo or sketch with an explanation to "Shop Solutions/' American Woodworker, 33 E. Minor Street, Emmaus, PA 18098. Next issue's contributor will receive a Bosch 3725 DVS random-orbit sander—worth $256.

Safe and secure. When this chisel ho: is closed, the retainer piece on the lici holds the chisels in their notches.

We're talking As you'd expect, the cast pleasure here. W m ^^ iron table tilts to allow bevel

Precision. Power. ■ Jj ^^ ■ cutting. But what you might

Wait 'til you get your ^^ 1 not expect is the fact that hands on tiiis high- ^^^ ^ A ft 1 the adjustable steel stand performance machine. It just gets better also tilts forward to give and better around every turn. The Delta Q-3 18" you a better view of the

Variable Speed Scroll Saw. A scroller's dream job, and just the right angle machine. for comfortable operation.

Its Quickset'* II Blade Changing System is the Tliis one's ready to test second generation of a Delta exclusive. The fastest drive right now at your Delta dealer, in the industry. No wrenches, no aggravation, no * * p If you're ready to cut wasted time while threading or changing blades. , . circles around the rest, TUC

YouU find it on no other saw. ; 1.K^^Mfft call us for the dealer__I*™__

Hie arched, graphite composite arm elimi- nearest you. Delta POIA/ER

nates vibration. So smooth and quiet you can listen International Machinery /\r T1JE

to the sweet sound of your blade cutting wood, Corp., 800438-2486. Or I tit instead of your saw breaking the sound barrier. In Canada, 519-836-2840. DOOC

And at the very tip of tliat graphite ann youH " Vs & -

find the control switches. Right under your ^ & o&tas pmua to nabonaxy nose, instead of having to fumble around ^^ pr^S^^S^Brs ^ A A below the table. ¿. ¿J, Theft?*Yon^o^^^^


Visit us on the WE& >/v ' * i i \ ? • woodworking machinery http:/Avww.detta*<xxM>ork)ng.conVdefta 1'Sfti j MM ■ A" ^ |S ? a pma, Ccmpsry


Independent Tests Reveal New Cordless Drills The Competition«

Model 9862

In head-to-head comparisons, Porter-Cable's new 12 volt cordless drill put the screws to all the rest. Against seven different drills in seven different categories. Porter-Cable came out first in five out of seven and a close second in the other two. With more torque, higher performance and longer life.

And unlike many of our competition's comparisons, our tests were conducted by an independent lab. ensuring authentic, non-biased results.'

If you're ready to bear down on your work, aon't screw around. Get your hands on Porter-Cable's new 12 volt cordless. Now with these improved features:

•Advanced Magnequench rare-earth magnet motor for higher torque and longer run times

•High capacity batteries run 30% longer between charges than standard batteries

•20 position adjustable clutch provides up to 288 in/lbs of torque •Heavy-duty Jacobs keyless chuck provides maximum gripping power

•Includes advanced charger with battery diagnostics for more efficient charging


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