Fenceangle Adjustment

Fcnces are either fixed or adjustable to allow for cutting slots in angled joints. (See photos, below.) Fixed fences will work on 90", 45*, and 135' angles. A biscuit joiner with a continuous protractor scale lets you set the fence to any angle within a given range. With this type of adjustable fence, you can join boards at odd angles. See the Fence-Angle Adjustment column in the chart on page 66.

Biscuit-joined miters. At left, a biscuit joiner with a fixed 45' fence registers against the inside face of the workpiece. Below, adjustable fences capture the leveled edge of the miter. This will align the outside corners of the workpiece when the joint is assembled.

Pads and pins.

Full-facc rubber pads like the one on the Makita at left work best for gripping a workpiece. The DeWalt, at right, employs pronged, spring-loaded pins which press against the work.

Biscuit Joiners

New models in red.

DeWall DW682K

V 'i

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