User builds cabinet.

Chan continued on pjge /10.

Chan continued on pjge /10.

Scr pa^r 13b for listing of manufacturer*.

KEY: • Static pressure. (See text.) ••User supplies waste drum.

Mounting Option«: 6 » bench, C ■ ceiling, W - wall. — ■ not applicable. NA « information not available

1 2« american woodworker ▲ 1997 buyer's guide

Ambient Air Cleaners

New models in red.

IDS Air-Tech 2000 8-12

See page 136

for listing of manufacturer*.

Brand & Model

List Price

Airflow (cfm)

Number oí Filters

Dust Removul Effiriency

Mounting Option»

Cabinet L X W X D


Weight (lbs.)

Comments & Features

IridpMOOd 460


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