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You might want to build this project for its classic appearance — or maybe for its practicality. But I think you'll agree, the real hook here is the challenging woodworking.

No doubt you've heard the saying about how you can't teach an old dog new tricks. The same thing can probably be said of many woodworkers. We tend to get comfortable with certain types of joinery or methods of doing things, and then rarely venture outside of our own comfort zone.

One area of woodworking that has always appeared a little intimidating to me is carving. It seems like a painstaking skill that requires years of practice to master. So when Ted Raife, our senior editor, handed me a piece of molding with a string of delicately carved beads and rods, I was impressed. But when he told me that it only took him about half an hour to make, and that it was his first attempt — well, now I was really impressed.

As it turns out, this molding (called a "berry and rod") is actually quite simple to make, even if you've never done any carving. It's just a matter of making a few basic, repetitive cuts. It doesn't require a lot of practice or artistic ability like some types of carving. And the nice thing is that you only need two carving tools to do it. It's really the perfect way to spend a relaxing evening in the shop while trying your hand at a new skill.

But you don't have to attempt something as offbeat as carving to learn a new "trick." One of the projects in this issue — the glass-panel coffee table on page 22 — features a unique method for joining the legs of the table to the frame. The technique involves creating a large notch at the top of each leg for the frame to rest in. The interesting part is that it's all done on the table saw. The secret is in the leg construction. I won't go into all the details here. (You'll have to read the article for that.) But be careful. You may just learn something new — without even realizing it.

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Grind taper on end of locking pin

C-clamp swings down and out of the way when locking pin is withdrawn.

from our readers



C-clamp swings down and out of the way when locking pin is withdrawn.

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