Metal biscuit fastener

Surface-mount KD connector

Most projects are assembled once and, with luck, forever. But sometimes, this isn't the most practical way to put a project together. With the lifestyle that many people live today, a project can often do a lot of traveling — from room to room, floor to floor, or even from home to home. So sometimes it makes sense to take this mobility into account by incorporating knock-down (KD) hardware into the design.

Today, there's a wide range of knockdown fasteners available — from simple to sophisticated — that give you lots of quick, easy building and assembly options. Here's a look at a good sampling.

Screw turns cam in housing

Locking plate

IBlum KD Fittings

One of the best options I've found for knock-down case construction is the Blum KD Fittings shown in the photos at left. The installation is very straightforward, they have excellent holding power and, as you see at left, the installed fitting hardly shows.

The two-part fitting consists of a l"-dia. plastic, press-in housing and a connector screw. The housing is inserted into a hole drilled in the support panel while the connector screw is set into the end of the intersecting panel (inset photo, left). When you turn the locking screw on the surface of the housing, am internal metal cam engages the head of the connector screw, pulling the two pieces snugly together.

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