HowTo Make Multiple Half Laps

to "gang up" this joinery. I cut the half-lap notches into wide blanks, then ripped the bars to width from the blanks. The How-To box below shows the basic sequence, so I'll just add a couple of helpful pointers.

BUNKS. To get started, you'll need to cut the blanks to finished length and rough width. I cut one long blank (4" wide) and one short

Initial Cuts. After fine-tuning the blade height with test cuts, start by cutting a notch or rabbet on both ends of the long and short blanks.

Next Cuts. Readjust the rip fence setting to make the second and then the third set of cuts.

Rip the Blanks. Rip the blanks into individual strips, leaving a little extra thickness for cleanup sanding.


Frame rail

Divider rail a* SECTION VIEW



blank (5" wide) for each grid panel. You can size the length of the blanks to the openings in the top frame, allowing about V32" overall clearance. And you'll want to cut a couple of extra test pieces to help fine-tune the table saw setup.

NOTCH CUTS. After using the test pieces to adjust the dado blade height, the cuts are made using the rip fence to position the notches. You can use the same rip fence setting to make the corresponding cuts in both ends of the long and short blanks. But you'll cut on the bottom side of the long blanks and the top side of the short blanks. The long blanks will have a third set of cuts only at one end.

RIP CUTS. In order to end up with tight joints, the grid bars need to be the right width. So I cut them just a tad snug to allow for cleanup sanding of the saw marks.

ASSEMBLY. All that remains is the assembly. The key here is to make sure the grids end up square and are a good fit to the frame. I accomplished this by gluing up the grids a few pieces at a time.

Once all four grids are assembled and sanded, you can drop them in place for a preliminary look. Then before starting on the finish, I put in an order with the glass supplier. (Allow clearance in both dimensions.) You don't want a long wait before putting your new coffee table to work and your craftsmanship on display. E5

Divider rail

If you prefer a simpler look and want to save yourself some work, you can build the table without the grids. The construction changes, shown in the details below, are pretty minimal. You simply start with shallower rabbets (1/4" deep) in the top frame pieces. Substituting frosted glass for the clear glass will soften the abearance.

Frame rail

Materials, Supplies & Cutting Diagram

A Long Frame Rails (2)

B Short Frame Rails (2)

C Long Divider (1)

D Short Dividers (2)

E Leg Sections (8)

F Leg Splines (4)

G Long Grid Bars (16)

H Short Grid Bars (20)

'/ghdbd. - % x 15'/2 % x % - 20 3k x 3k - 9 (8'5/!6" x 19's/,6")

NOTE: Parts A, B, C, and D are planed to V/2" thick 1V X8V2"- 72" Hard Maple (8.5 Bd. Ft.)













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