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Assembling movable, lou-vered shutters can be a challenge. But one thing that make this go smoothly is an assembly jig, like the one shown in the photo below. Evenly spaced slots in the sides of the jig hold the louvers while you assemble the frame.

To make building the jig a little easier, I put together a quick indexing jig, as you can see in the drawing and photo above. The jig is made of two parts. The first is an auxiliary fence for the miter gauge. It's made from a piece of 3A" plywood. Before attaching the fence to the miter gauge, I laid out and cut two 1/V'-wide notches in one edge. The notches are spaced 11/2" apart. (This is how far apart the notches need to be on the assembly jig.)

Index jig fence made from W

from 'A"~ diameter"dowel

The jig can then be attached to the miter gauge with screws so that the inner notch is aligned with the dado blade.The second part of the jig is an indexing pin. It's a short piece of V'-dia. dowel. The dowel is slipped into the outer notch. A round dowel makes it easy to slip the workpiece on and off the indexing jig.

To cut the notches in the sides for the assembly jig, slide the workpiece against the dowel and cut one notch. Now move the workpiece over and slip the notch over the dowel. After cutting the notches in one side, flip the piece over and cut the other side. Then rip the blank to width to make the jig.

Bert Drost Des Moines, Iowa

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