Tension Rod Nuts

Tension rod joinery isn't a new idea. It's an often-used method for large trestle construction and other heavy-duty KD applications. But there is a new twist — tension rod nuts available from Lee Valley. They offer a more stylish, easier-to-use, and stronger option for this

of tabs that, when engaged, form a rigid, locking joint.

To install the fastener, you fit the halves into #20 biscuit slots and then anchor them with screws. They can be engaged or disengage easily with a simple sliding action, as in the inset photo at right.

Corner Joiners

When quick and effortless knock-down assembly and disassembly are a priority, these simple metal corner joiners should be at the top of your list. They're the perfect solution for KD cabinet bases, simple, utilitarian casework, or modular storage projects.

type of joinery, as demonstrated in the photos at right.

The large nuts are used in conjunction with a section of threaded rod. Tightening holes around the rim of the nut along with a tensioning lever allows you to apply considerable torque at assembly.

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